Boro Fondo 2015

April 24th - 26th

Boro Fondo is a bike tour, music festival and celebration of local music and home-grown arts in our own Murfreesboro, TN. Spanning April 24th through the 26th, the second annual Boro Fondo brings twice the fun and all the great rides and music you expect!

Boro Fondo 2015 News

Apr 24: Boro Fondo Begins!

The day has finally arrived! The Fondo begins with a day of festivities and celebration at the Green Dragon Public House and Mayday Brewery. Come join us for merriment, mead, and as always, a majorly massive musical experience!

Feb 18: Boro Fondo 2015 Website Goes Live!

After hours of toil and centuries of warfare with ancient alien empires, Boro Fondo has emerged victorious with a new website. We have also established a colony in the Facebook system, so be sure to check out our new page as well!

Feb 14th: Valentines Day Band Application Deadline!

Like all good things, the Boro Fondo band application period must come to an end. But don't fear, we have a special project in the works to give a few more bands an opportunity to play!

Jan 21st: Band Application Announced.

The Boro Fondo 2015 band application has been released! Join the ranks of such illustrious past acts and Mantra Mantra Mantra, Montezuma Fire Machine, Meth Dad, and more!

Band Application

Are you in a band? Is your band banned? Or maybe you're a solo artist, a banjo playing dog, a solo cup, or an incredible electro-mechanical acoustitronic music machine? Well whatever you are, we want you! (Not in the biblical sense though...) Sorry, band apps were due on Feb. 14th!

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Crew Application

Boro Fondo would be impossible without our staff of dedicated volunteers. Whether you are an audio tech, a bike mechanic, or just want to help out, there is a place for you on our team. The crew is divided into four groups, each as totally radical and gnar as the last: bike crew, stage crew, clean-up, and media.

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Sponsors and Venues

Of course, we also couldn't pull this off without the help of the local businesses and music venues that donate their products or space. If you represent a business which would like to participate or a venue that would like to host a stop (Sorry, the route has been set, but there are plenty of other ways you can get involved!), please contact us.

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